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MarketEd.Live 2023 Call for speakers

MarketEd.Live speaker talking to the audience

So, you want to speak at MarketEd.Live 2023? Great! We’re looking for interesting speakers who can bring life to a topic and that will cause the audience to think.

We are exceptionally picky about who graces our stage. You must be prepared to work with us to develop your session to be suitable for the MarketEd.Live audience and the structure of the day. We’re nice and constructive people and any liaison will be about enhancing your delivery and showing your expertise at its best.


Please read the following before making your submission:

  • You must be available to present in person at our event on Thursday 7 September 2023.
  • All proposals must be educational in nature, non-promotional, and vendor-neutral.
  • All sessions must be original in content and offer clear, actionable takeaways/session learning objectives for attendees that you should detail below.
  • You will need to produce some additional content for the event workbook. We will discuss this upon successful application.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Challenge Everything’. We are looking for sessions that will take an area of marketing and get people questioning what they already know. We welcome the weird and wonderful.

This year we are introducing some specific structural guidelines that define MarketEd.Live sessions. Please ensure you are able to meet the following criteria:

  • Your session must challenge an accepted assumption
  • Your session must pose five questions for table discussions in The Huddle after your session
  • Your session must invite questions and challenge from the audience to what you are saying
  • Your session must be inclusive in language, presentation design and examples (this rule may be broken to make a specific point)