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The Month by MarketEd.Live

Thanks for being part of The Month on Twitter Spaces. Here is information you need in preparation for a successful broadcast:

What is it?

The Month is a scheduled Twitter Space. When scheduled, you will be able to see this as a tweet on the @MarketEdLive Twitter account. It should be pinned to the top of the profile for easy access.

Click the button on the Space to set a reminder.

When joining the space, please join at the start of the broadcast. You will be invited to speak by one of the hosts. Please accept and then place your mic on mute until you’re invited to respond to the question.

The Format

THE SPACE IS BEING RECORDED – By participating, you give your consent to being recorded and agree to the recording being repurposed by MarketEd.Live

BizPaul will start by introducing the Space and then will introduce the panellists all at once. There is no need to acknowledge or respond to your introduction at this point. He will explain the format to the listeners and then go into questions.

There will be about 4-5 questions in the hour, maybe less if discussion flows, but we will end the discussion if necessary to move on to other questions.

There is nothing to prepare for the broadcast as it is your viewpoint that is most important. However, it might be helpful to be across general marketing news.

BizPaul will invite listeners to respond to what’s been said, perhaps offering their opinions on the subject matter. He will ask listeners to raise their hand rather than request to speak. He will ask non-panellists to leave the stage once they have offered their view.

At the end of the session, BizPaul will wrap up and the session will be closed.

Sharing your involvement

It would be great if you could share your involvement, before, during and after the Space.

This is a new idea for us, so it may work as we expect or may not. We’ll see how it goes.