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Thank you so much for being part of MarketEd.Live presents Creative Climate 2022. We hope that this new era of MarketEd.Live events will bring out the very best in our speakers and audience so that we can deliver something truly exceptional to them.

This page aims to provide you with everything you need to know about being a speaker at Creative Climate. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us:

Paul Ince – – 07979 521737

Laura Wheatley –  – 07508248232

Key Dates/ times

Event date

Event opens

Event closes

After party

Thursday 8th September 2022



From 16:00 until whenever it finishes

STAY & travel


We have booked rooms at The Cube, Birmingham for those speakers staying the night before the event.

Check in from 3pm
Check out before 12pm

Google Map


If you are arriving by train, we urge you to wait to book your tickets.

You can find more information about travel here.

speaker dinner

We will host a dinner for speakers the evening prior to conference day if you are available. Further details and menu choices will follow. After the dinner, you may join attendees at the pre-event social gathering if you wish – there is no pressure to do so, if you would prefer to retire or explore Birmingham.

We will have a run through of slides so you can be happy that they have been downloaded correctly. 


Your session title and theme contents have been agreed with us before advertising your participation in the event. It is likely that attendees have chosen to come because of your involvement and the excitement around your talk. We ask you not to change the details without talking to us first. Of course, feel free to adapt and amend to make it as relevant to changes in the current climate as appropriate – this is a changeable time.


Creative Climate aims to be more than just about listening to your expertise. We want attendees to really feel that the event has made a difference to their thinking. We encourage you to be challenging and brave in the content you deliver.

After your session, attendees will get ten minutes of group discussion time to talk to the people on their tables about what they have just heard and to plan actions arising from their thinking.

Each attendee will receive a workbook to document their notes and ideas. We would like to present some key questions that spark their thought processes in that workbook relating to your session. In advance of the workbooks going to print, please could you email in some things for people to consider to

We encourage you to make your session as interactive as possible. Such as:

  • Audience participation
  • Posing questions to the audience
  • Q&A

BizPaul will use his introduction and closing sections to facilitate people’s learning and guide them through the day. If there is anything you want him to emphasise, please drop him a line at

the audience

The audience will be a mixture of people, so it’s best to ensure your session applies to as many people as possible. Typically, we attract:

  • Marketing professionals (some certified, some qualified through experience, but rarely entry level)
  • Business owners that have a keen interest and/or perform their own marketing for their business
  • Agency owners 

Presentation Contingency Videos

There is a scenario where the event can go ahead as planned, but you suffer from a personal issue that prevents you from presenting at the last minute – for example, you are required to isolate. Last minute changes have the potential to throw MarketEd.Live into chaos. Our focus is on the attendee and trying to still deliver the best experience possible.

With this in mind, and acknowledging this is an exceptional ask for an exceptional time, we would like it if you could please record a video version of your session that we can play to the audience in the room if you are unable to be there on event day.

This can be recorded via Zoom, or other technology. We are not asking for full-on YouTube, highly produced, content here, but if you want to put more effort in, that is totally up to you.

All live sessions at the event are recorded for those with a virtual ticket. If you record a video version of your session, you can choose which version of your talk becomes available to virtual ticket holders. If you prefer your video session, we’ll use that one.


You can access Creative Climate assets, relating to speaking, here.

It would be fantastic if you could promote your participation to your audience. We already know that people who have bought tickets have done so because of your involvement.

Once earlybird tickets have ended, we will provide speaker discount codes for you.