Episode 12 of the podcast and this week we are joined by Fiona Duncan-Steer. Fiona is the Founder of the RSVIP Business Network and the Renn Property Network. She is a writer, speaker, trainer and qualified coach who has been running events for 15 years. 

Fiona spends her time writing her business columns and guest lecturing at uni. When she isn’t doing that she is sharing her knowledge about business networking and marketing at speaking events and skills training seminars. Making Fiona, the go to person for east midlands businesses to attract their perfect customer.  

What you will learn… 

  • Why is networking still a really important part of your strategy? 
  • How can you improve networking in the age of the coronavirus. 
  • The difference between online and offline events. 
  • How to best replicate offline networking events online. 
  • What makes RSVIP so special? 
  • Why you should always feel your best at a networking event. 
  • Why you should choose your networking event based on your work habits. 
  • Why you must be consistent with your networking  
  • Body language tips for networking events. 
  • Is BizPaul rude? 
  • How all this time spent in the virtual will affect in-person behaviors at networking events. 
  • How 2021 is going to be the year of gratitude and appreciation. 

Resources mentioned in the show… 

Get a chat started with Fiona on her social channels.Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, Fiona’s Website or go to the RSVIP Website to find out more about working with Fiona.