Welcome back to the MarketEd NOT Live podcast, how’s it going? Are you enjoying season three? We hope you are. This week we are joined by Bethany Joy, a brand voice crafter who started her career in charity comms and moved into brand consultancy and copywriting for a creative agency. Bethany helps brands find their voice and writing style to show the passion and personality of their business. As well as an impressive CV, Bethany is also a speaker on stages across the UK and Europe (not right now though, obviously). 

 What you will learn 

  • What brand voice is 
  • Why brand voice is so important 
  • How brand voice can be accidental 
  • How to start on the journey to defining your brand voice 
  • Why understanding your business and your audience is the key to creating a strong brand voice 
  • How to strike a balance between communicating using jargon and colloquial language for greater effect 
  • Why it is important to be bold in your brand voice 
  • Why brand voice is so much more than just ‘sounding human’ 
  • Why you need to create a detailed set of guidelines to define your brand voice 
  • Why MonzoOhne and Flo are absolutely killing the brand voice game at the moment 

 Resources mentioned in this episode

If you want to get in touch with Bethanythe best place to do so is through her LinkedIn. Send her a message and chat to her more about finding the ideal voice for your brand so you can really connect with your audience.