It’s Episode 16 of the podcast and this week we are joined by Maria Iliffe-Wood.  

Maria is a leadership coach and Managing Director of Meridian Iliffe Ltd, a leadership and coaching development consultancy. On top of this, in 2020, Maria founded IW Press Ltd aiming to help people write and publish their book.  

Maria is the go-to woman for leadership tips but was a marketing novice before meeting the one and only BizPaul.  Since their acquaintance maria has found a way to use social media in a way that is comfortable for her and successful for the business. Now, it’s Maria’s turn to teach us to master our mind and overcome our self-imposed limitations.  

What you will learn… 

  • Why Maria is different to your standard coach 
  • How to stop using our brain against ourselves 
  • Why a lot of marketers feel ‘imposter syndrome’ 
  • How to remove feelings of ‘imposter syndrome’ 
  • Techniques to deal with negative though patterns 
  • How to spot the signals that you are thinking negatively 
  • Why letting go of the pressure to prove your worth could make you a better, more creative marketer 

Resources mentioned in the show… 

Get a chat started with Maria on her FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and Twitter.  Alternatively, you can visit the Meridian Iliffe website to find out more.