It’s Episode 15 of the podcast and this week we are joined by Joyann Boyce, an inclusive marketing consultant and founder of the Social Detail. Joyann is fierce advocate for diversity and inclusion within marketing and tech, and is also a datfellow with the South West Creative Technology Network, researching data bias. 

The Social Detail are empowering content creators to connect with a diverse audience and are on a mission to make it the industry standard by providing a content diversity benchmark. They also upskill and train teams to embed inclusion into the company values that represent current society. 

What you will learn… 

  • Why Joyann does what she does 
  • The biggest inclusivity slipups/downfalls  
  • What is charitable post 
  • Why language is important 
  • Why you need to engage with diverse people in your sector (the ones who are hard to find) 
  • Why it is so important to seek out different voices and opinions 
  • What is an intersectional opposite 
  • Why you have to be conscious about your social media posting (including reposting) 
  • Why following the data might not always be the answer 
  • Why the Creme Egg is a hot inclusivity topic 
  • How inclusive marketing is like a TikTok trend 
  • Why you need to keep being brave and defend your values when challenged 
  • Why you should be creative with copy when dealing with trolls 
  • Why the key to inclusivity is consistency 

Resources mentioned in the show… 

Get a chat started with Joyann on her FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and Twitter.  Alternatively, you can visit the Social Detail websiteInstagramLinkedIn or Twitter to find out more.