It’s Episode 14 of the podcast and this week we are joined by Andi Jarvis, founder of Eximo Marketing. The Nothern Ireland/Bradford marketing strategist extraordinaire has worked with global brands, sports clubs and media companies to develop and implement effective marketing strategies.  

Andi has an MSc in marketing from Ulster University and is also the host of the Strategy Session Podcast, interviewing some of the biggest and best names in the business. Andi started his own fundraising project called Friends Ofa project in which marketers offer their services to small businesses in return for a small donation to a local refugee charity.   

What you will learn… 

  • More about the work of the Friends Of project 
  • How Eximo Marketing came about 
  • How relying on marketing tools might be your downfall 
  • How to balance data with people 
  • How to see the bigger picture with data 
  • Why you need to focus on analytics that involve a £ first 
  • What leading and lagging indicators are 
  • How to combine qualitative and quantitative data 
  • How to get good data from your tech stack 
  • The most effective way to talk to your customer 
  • Why you need to be talking to the people who deal with your customers (receptionists, customer services, everyone) 
  • How to cut through data bias 
  • Sh*t in, Sh*t out theory 

 Resources mentioned in the show… 

Get a chat started with Andi on his LinkedIn and Twitter Alternatively, you can visit the Eximo Marketing websiteTwitterInstagramLinkedin or Facebook