A unique opportunity to have the MarketEd.Live experts and community working “hands on” on your business.

The fact is that mastermind sessions works. It isn’t a place to learn more marketing stuff, you guys know that already, thats why you are coming MarketEd.Live.

The mastermind is the place where people like you can find the CLARITY you need, to get clear on

  • Where you are going
  • How you’re going to get there
  • What you need to have in place to make it happen

Plus the SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY to make sure things get done.

What’s happening when and where

  • When: 24th September 2018 (the day before MarketEd.Live) –  10am to 4pm
  • Where: The Lace Market Hotel, just round the corner from Nottingham Contemporary

What you will get

  • Clarity, time out from your business to work on your business.
  • Peer to peer knowledge sharing, mentoring, support, connections and the space to get the most out the following day to move your business forward.
  • Exclusive access to the MarketEd VIP Slack channel / WhatsApp group so you can keep in touch with the other members and the experts after the event.
  • Access to the experts through out the two days
  • Dinner at a local restaurant
  • Accommodation at the Lace Market Hotel
  • Exclusive access to the speakers drinks, your chance to hang out and chat to experts, speakers and other MarketEd.Live “luminaries”

Who’s running this?

The mastermind is run by Tim Elliott and Paul Chapman.

Tim is an enabler of human first marketing strategy, customer journey design and ideation, inspiring people and businesses to not settle for marketing that is any less than remarkable and achieves their goals.

Tim has over 20 years’ experience as a marketer, throughout which time he has worked with a wide variety of brands and businesses from premier league football clubs, a variety of FMCG brands, non-profits, start-ups, professional services organisations and pub companies.

Self-employed since 2010, Tim is a strategic specialist and customer journey design enthusiast, Tim champions marketing which focuses on the main value of: “People buy people”.

Paul is a marketing strategist, best selling author,  international speaker and the founder of Marketing Jumpleads.

Known for his creativity in delivering ideas and strategies that work, Paul has a track record of helping businesses grow and move forward to deliver the true task of any business – work as a tool deliver a lifestyle for the people who own it.

Having spent years running and growing business for others, including some of the UK’s top entrepreneurs, Paul set up his first business in 2012.

What will this mastermind allow you to do?

Being part of the Marketed.Live VIP mastermind is your opportunity to:

  • Be part of community of entrepreneurs and creative business owners all committed to growing their businesses
  • Work with a group dedicated to working together, assisting each other and mentoring each other to achieve growth like never before
  • Get out of your business – leave the phones, emails and stuff behind to give you time to move forward
  • Arrive at MarketEd.Live on Tuesday with real clarity of purpose so you can look for the right info on the day for you then to implement into your business

How this group will help you accelerate your business

1) A REAL Focus On What Matters

It’s easy to get lost in the “stuff” of your business and lose your attention from the things that really matter.  If you surround yourself with people who are as committed to your growth as you are, they’ll share their experience and what is working for them to help you stay laser-focused on the things that will truly grow your business, (and how to deal with the rest).

2) A Community and Environment of Like Minded People

The reality is that whilst most business owners talk a great game, the ones that are actually doing something about it are few and far between.  And those that are out there REALLY driving their business forward are usually not easy to find.

Who you hang around with will make a big difference to your success – if you surround yourself with like minded people are are walking the walk that will not only bring out the best of you but drive you on to deliver more.

3) Avoid Costly Mistakes

Success leaves clues – whatever you are looking to do the right people will have been there and made the mistakes to prove it.  Regardless of the industry, most business challenges are the same. Whether it is growing revenue, streamlining processes or dealing with staff nothing beats REAL experience form those that have been there and done it.

You’ll leave the session with

  • A clear route forward – we’ll help you build you plan and your set of actions to get there
  • A bigger network of brilliant people who have skills, knowledge and experience to help you grow and keep you accountable
  • A proper spring in your step and smile on your face. It will be an intense session and you’ll leave inspired and with real clarity of what to do next and how to make it happen

You’ll have

  • A lot of fun. We’ll work hard, but we’ll have a great time too.


  • 10.00am – Arrival
  • 10.30am – Intro session/round table
  • 12.30pm- Lunch
  • 1.30pm –  The big thinking
  • 4.30pm –  Networking – Conversation – Drinks
  • 6.30pm – Meet for dinner and join the speakers for drinks after

What to do to join the Mastermind

To sign up and be part of this exclusive mastermind, that will enrich your MarketEd.Live experience, all you have to do is book via the following link.


If you already have a MarketEd.Live ticket and you want to join the mastermind, please contact us for a special link that will allow you to top up.

If you have any questions, please just contact us via email at hey@marketed.live, via Mel, our concierge bot on Messenger, or by that old fashioned method of the telephone on 01509 228702.