Huge congratulations to Apricot Video Marketing, winners of our inaugural Campaign of the Year Award.

The range of entries we received was varied, and it was hard to judge. But judge we did. Here’s how the award worked and how the judging was conducted.

The award was open to all businesses except those belonging to the event organisers, LikeMind Media and the judges.

Creating a shortlist

Entries were received in via this website and the application process here. The team at MarketEd.Live whittled down the entries to a shortlist. There was no fixed number of finalists. We picked six businesses to be put through to the judges.

Judging process

Judges were selected based on what we felt they could assess. All judges were known to us and had at least ten years in the marketing industry:

Judge 1 – Award sponsor
Judge 2 – Experiential marketing expertise
Judge 3 – Brand and storytelling expertise
Judge 4 – Corporate marketing expertise

Entries were anonymised so that judges could not be influenced by the brand name or the entrant. As it turned out, this was an important step.

Judges were asked to score each entry out of ten for the following criteria:

Judging criteria

1. Understanding of objectives: How well was any activity tailored to an identified business need, target audience and business environment? Did the agency/marketing team/person demonstrate understanding of specific campaign objectives as well as the brand’s long-term business objectives?

2. Strategic thinking: Did the agency/marketing team/person add value through intelligent, innovative and relevant strategic thinking?

3. Creativity: Did this campaign demonstrate original thinking in creative idea generation and execution?

4. Effectiveness/results: Was success measured? Was ROI evaluated? Did the campaign meet set objectives and add value to the business?

The total for each entry was calculated from each judge and combined to produce an overall score. A possible total of 160 was available for each entrant.

Winner’s score

The winner, Apricot Video Marketing, was rated the top entry for three out of four judges, with a total score of 146/160.

What the judges said about the winner’s campaign

“Considering the sensitive nature of the product, I think they did a great job.”


“Such a smart campaign, and the end product the creative is as high quality as the thinking behind it.”


“I love how the target audience was identified based on their world views rather than set demographics and content produced to gear towards this, very nice!”

Want to see the campaign?

Here’s a link to the winning campaign. It’s not for the sensitive-natured. WARNING: topic is of a sexual nature: