Today, I want to tell you about decisions we’ve made for MarketEd.Live.

For obvious reasons, many conferences and events haven’t been able to take place over the last few months.

In a way, that’s an easier outcome, because the decision is made for you – it’s just not possible.

Now we find ourselves in a more tricky situation. With less than four months to go, we don’t know what restrictions will be in place come September. If we’re lucky, this virus will have diminished and life will be back to some kind of normality.

But there is a very real chance that the rate of which people become infected will not reduce fast enough for social distancing rules and restrictions on gatherings to be relaxed enough for an in person conference of 200 people to take place.

We’ve worked out that we could probably fit no more than fifty people in our venue with the current rules, keeping everyone safe. With the speakers and the team, that’s not many ticket holders. In fact many of those who’ve bought a ticket wouldn’t be allowed to come because we’ve already outsold that capacity.

Then there’s the fact that people may not feel safe to go to events by September.

Events like MarketEd.Live are costly to host. To only be able to sell a small number of tickets isn’t viable and to find ourselves suddenly in lockdown again where the event is cancelled altogether would be catastrophic.

We could go virtual. But I’ve attended many virtual summits and, well, most are terrible. Even the ones with great content lack atmosphere – it’s just not the same.

We didn’t set out to create a community with MarketEd.Live, but we got one and, now that we have, we want to keep it and nurture it. Seeing everyone make great connections, share stories, learn together, is what motivates us to improve the experience year on year.

I can’t compromise on that.

So we won’t be going virtual.

Instead, because of the many risks involved, we’ve decided to postpone this year’s MarketEd.Live by one year to Monday 20th September 2021.

Moving back a year gives us more certainty with a lower risk to the event’s financial viability and to your health.

It also means we have more time to plan what I know will be our best MarketEd.Live yet.

Our current line up is on board with our decision, which I’m thrilled about. Yes, I’m disappointed that we can’t bring you these amazing people to you sooner. We work extremely hard to curate a line up that will challenge your thinking whilst giving you practical steps to improve your marketing performance and deliver the return on investment for your ticket price. But I know it will be worth the wait.

Now, we’re not disappearing for a year. Whilst we’re not creating a virtual conference, we have lined up a few things to keep your marketing education up to date.

Instead of our in person event, on the week commencing Monday 21st September 2020, we will host a series of exclusive online training, covering a range of topics. Details for this will be announced shortly.

We will also be running more online events throughout the year until September 2021.

Existing tickets to our 2020 event will automatically be valid for our 2021 event. Ticket holders will also receive complimentary access to the exclusive trainings this September, adding extra value to anyone who took up an offer of an earlybird ticket. I hope people will hold on to their ticket but, of course, refunds are available for anyone not wanting to attend next year’s event – we’ve already contacted ticket holders about this.

If you are an existing ticket holder, and would like a refund, please email us.

If you purchase a ticket to the 2021 event, you will also get access to the training. We are keeping the ticket price at its current rate of £200 + VAT for the foreseeable future until we work out a new pricing tier structure. In a fortuitous way, we’ve actually made the event ticket even more valuable.

Thanks for taking the time to open and read this message. It’s hard, and sad, to write it. But, we’re committed to making MarketEd.Live the best event for people who want to learn more and improve their marketing results, and this is the right decision for the event’s future. Your support helps us achieve our goals, and for that, I’m truly grateful.

Continue to take care of yourself, and your loved ones.

All the best