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Letter to the boss

Need to convince someone that attending Creative Climate is a good idea for you and them? Here’s a template of a letter/email that you can use to articulate the benefits to their business.


I’ve been doing a bit of research into my own professional development and have come across an event that I feel both the business and I will benefit from.

MarketEd.Live presents Creative Climate is a one-day event on Thursday 8 September 2022 in Birmingham city centre that is focused on how to improve our marketing by becoming more creative in what we produce.

It covers different ways to do that:

  • How to create the best environment for creative marketing
  • What future audiences want to see from marketing
  • How data can be used to add authority to creative ideas
  • Sparking better ideas from creative wellbeing
  • Using purpose-driven marketing to get better results

The sessions are workshop-driven and interactive, so I’ll get to produce actions that we can apply to us the next day. There are also networking sessions so it will help us get some additional connections for the business.

Tickets are £250 + VAT each, which I’m sure you’ll agree is great value for a day of training. That price includes refreshments.

The website is if you would like to check it out. They say they will offer discounts for group bookings if you’d like to come too.

Perhaps we can discuss how to make the most out of something like this.