Guest post by Alex Lees

You scroll through your newsfeed and start catching up with your friends’ daily activities and within 5 seconds you see one. And then another. And then another. They seem unengaging, irrelevant and just totally boring. But they don’t stop appearing.

You move your thumb faster, trying to find content you actually want to see. But, the faster you scroll, the faster they appear. Each one auto-playing quicker than the last.

Today must just be a bad day, you tell yourself, and you keep scrolling. But it only takes another 30 seconds before you become tired with the cycle and exit the app.

However, it’s not before long that you find yourself opening another app and starting the process all over again.

Man on a computer screen

They make up 84% of all internet traffic and 100 million hours of them are watched each day on Facebook, but what are they? They’re sponsored videos that continue to miss opportunities to answer customer questions, create emotional connections or even be placed in front of the right target audience.

Video marketing is oversaturated.

It’s not fit for purpose and is created with a clear focus on quantity over quality.

It doesn’t answer the customer’s questions.

It doesn’t create an emotional connection.

And it’s not even being placed in front of the right audience.

And how can YOU fix it?

Focus on Quality over Quantity

Write up the script. Find the good lighting. Shoot the video more than once. Spend the time editing. Add the subtitles. Explain the video in the text.

How do you add value to your viewer?

Is there something they can implement today? Is the content a joy to watch? Why would the viewer want to share the video with their friends or colleagues?

Define your video’s purpose

Is it emotionally engaging?

Is it informational?

Or is it a tutorial?

These three types of video form the awareness, consideration and decision videos that move customers through their journey from initial contact with your brand to purchase.

ACD Diagram

Combining these three videos into an ACD model with retargeting ads at different stages and a collection of evergreen content, will ensure that your videos win in 2019.

They’ll not only reach more customers, but will also connect with them emotionally, answer their questions and actually engage your target audience.

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About Alex Lees and Tale Production

Tale Production is a video production company specialising in creating videos at each stage of the buyer’s journey for healthcare, sports, software and technology firms.

Alex Lees is the Creative Director of Tale Production, wherein he has spent the last 4 years crafting engaging and original videos for clients. He has a MEng in product design engineering from Loughborough University and having worked for P&G, he specialises in bridging the gap between his technical experience and his creative vision.