If there’s one thing we do at MarketEd.Live it’s listen to our audience (as you should yours). We feel the pain of childcare issues, client commitments, budget and, well, life in general. So, if you’re not coming to Nottingham later this month, listen up!

This year we are able to offer you a virtual ticket to MarketEd.Live. We’ll be honest, it just won’t be as good as being here in person. You won’t be able to network with fellow marketers and business owners, you won’t get to sample Nottingham nor the great breakfast pastries and you won’t get a selfie with the speakers. But you will be able to consume the content and knowledge they offer.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

Thanks to our friends at Tale Production who are recording the event, virtual ticket holders will be able to watch the sessions when they are published to in-event ticket holders.

Here’s the cool part… 50% of the ticket price will go directly to Living Without Abuse, a local charity that tackles domestic abuse by men and women in the area.

If you purchase a virtual ticket, we will send you a link to the post-event videos to consume. Your use of the videos will be subject to the same restrictions as in-event ticket holders.

Things can go wrong on the day. If, for whatever reason, the videos aren’t of the quality we’d expect ourselves, we’ll refund you the ticket price, along with the Eventbrite fees you paid. You can’t say fairer than that really.

Virtual tickets are £67.00 each, inc. VAT + Eventbrite fees.