If you were at MarketEd.Live 2019 back in September, you may have noticed a small film crew meandering around, pointing their camera at things and people. And generally being nosey.

We wanted to document what it takes to run an event like MarketEd.Live. To show people behind the scenes of what many people described to us as a ‘well organised’ and ‘slick’ event.

At times, MarketEd.Live feels far from slick. I can tell you that this year, more than any other previous MarketEd.Live, things were far from running smoothly. Tech issues right from the outset meant we opened slightly late. Lanyards were another issue. No one mentioned how small the teacups were to me – probably a good idea not to – someone sensibly just brought me two cups of tea when I asked someone to bring me a drink.

When I was chatting to some attendees at the after party, they all said how professional and well run MarketEd.Live is. If only they knew.

Well, now they will.

Ladies, gentlemen and anyone else, may I present to you, our film.