We’re totally beside ourselves with joy to bring you the fruits of our recent labour and the results of the MarketEd.Live 2019 Marketing Report.

This is taking your input, as part of our community, and putting it together in one big report to show the state of marketing as you see it.

Last year, we surveyed our MarketEd.Live audience, attendees past and present and anyone signed up to hear from us. The results have been surprising but also quite refreshing.

The report tells us that digital marketing is still the preferred option for most marketers, but that there are some comebacks from more traditional methods too.

We already know that you’re pushed for time, but how interesting to know how this makes marketers feel about being marketed to themselves.

You also gave us some examples of brands that are smashing it with their marketing right know – giving us all something to aspire too. And we’re not just talking big brands either – go small biz!

But that’s not all.

We also asked some of the best marketing brains around to give us further insight into what this means for marketing in 2019 and beyond. We asked people like Seth Godin, Brian Solis, Teresa Heath-Wareing, Chris Strub, Andrew and Pete and many more, what the one thing marketers should be doing this year.

The results are in. We’d love to share with you the report in full.