MarketEd.Live 2019 is just around the corner and to say we’re excited is an understatement. We’ve got a stellar line-up of speakers again this year and, while we don’t want to give too much away, we thought we’d give you a sneak preview of what they’ll be talking about at Nottingham Contemporary on Monday, September 30. So here’s a bit more about BizPaul and a taster of what you can expect.

Where would MarketEd.Live be without BizPaul? The easy answer to that is there wouldn’t be a MarketEd.Live. Period.

Paul is the founder and host of MarketEd.Live. He’s the owner of content marketing company LikeMind Media. He’s a strategist specialising in marketing conversations. And he’s the proud owner of too many loud, colourful shirts.

Paul likes data and evidence and, in his opening session of MarketEd.Live 2019, not only will he introduce the talented speakers who will follow, he’ll also be setting the scene for the rest of the day.

So, other than wearing another outstanding shirt, what exactly can we expect from him on the day?

“My session is going to be based on data,” he says. “I am going to ask attendees, and past attendees, what they think about certain things, but primarily my presentation is going to introduce people to the idea that we shouldn’t be hiding behind technology to have conversations with potential customers.

“It’s about how we need to talk, which is a common theme for this year’s event, as you will see from the other speakers we have lined up.

We’re not like other marketing events

“It’s about the power of understanding the relationship a business has with the customer, and going deeper into that relationship. Customers should feel like they are able to have a conversation.”

This is the third year of MarketEd.Live and it really has grown into a community which, for Paul, is what sets it apart from other conferences.

“We’ve such got a great crowd of people who keep coming back, it is a real community now of people who understand what we’re doing, who want to get better at their marketing, and they know MarketEd.Live delivers an experience. It’s not the same as other marketing events out there.

“I have feedback that shows people like the event because it brings likeminded people together, who are similar to them, who they can talk to about the challenges around marketing

“They know it’s not going to be a pitch-fest, it’s not about us selling something to them, it’s stuff that’s useful for the people who are there, and that there will be people they can connect with and work with.

“And I think every year the speakers get better and better. We get more consistent with understanding what sort of speakers we’re looking for.

You won’t have seen this anywhere else

“We pick speakers who are going to deliver something different. For example, Elizabeth Stokoe will be talking about how conversations work – I haven’t seen that anywhere else.

“And Phylecia Jones is going to talk about using speaking as a way to market your business. Again, I haven’t seen that at a marketing event.

“We’re challenging what people might think about a marketing event.”

And why should people come to MarketEd.Live 2019?

“Because it’s brilliant. Because you will be challenged on your thinking, because you will learn new ideas that you can actually put into practice and get results from, and because you will meet other people who share your passion.”

If this has whetted your appetite and you’d like to hear more from BizPaul, there’s still time to get your ticket to MarketEd.Live 2019. Just follow this link