Welcome back to the MarketEdNOTLive Podcast and this week we are joined by Nicole Osbourne to talk about personal branding and how you can use it to boost your career. Nicole is a marketing coach based in London and with Wunderstars, a 1:1 monthly coaching programmeshe helps digital agency owners fast track their marketing and social media results.  

Our fun-loving east German friend is a chartered marketer whose career started at the Financial Times nearly 20 years ago, but she definitely is no boreNicole also has her own vlog series, Wunderbar, the marketing efficiency show on YouTube. What a way to end the series! 


What you will learn… 

  • What personal branding is. 
  • Why you should incorporate your personal brand into your agency. 
  • How you can use your personal branding to get work for your business. 
  • How BizPaul became BizPaul. 
  • How to avoid confusion about who your clients are working with when personal brands are involved. 
  • Why BizPaul became a personal brand. 
  • Why LinkedIn company pages are aren’t as effective as a personal connection.  
  • How people used creative personal branding to apply for some recent vacancies at Likemind Media. 
  • Quick wins for personal branding. 
  • Why being brave is not only important but expected. 
  • Who is killing the personal brand game. 

Resources mentioned in the show… 


Get a chat started with Nicole on her social media channels, TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram or go to the Lollipop social website to find out more about working with Nicole.