All hail Teresa Heath-Wareing! Yep, we’re being treated to marketing royalty for the 11th episode of our MarketEd NOT Live podcasts. An international keynote speaker, a TEDx speaker, an author, a business owner and an all-round official friend of the show, Teresa helps marketers and entrepreneurs enhance their social media and marketing efforts. Here, Teresa will be giving us the sneakiest of sneak previews into her model for business funnel roadmaps. It will leave you wanting more, but you’re going to have to buy a ticket and come to Nottingham for the exclusive premiere at MarketEd.Live 2019 😉

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How Teresa helps businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve the one thing they all want – better results
  • How the “mind-blowing” tools and technology of today are bringing us so much closer to our audiences in social media and digital marketing – and why it’s a far cry from the fax campaigns and focus groups of 15 years ago!
  • Why the ability to be able to send – and receive – a direct message from someone can be so powerful
  • Why customer service attached to social media and digital marketing is proving to be a winning formula
  • Why, in this super-fast world, consumers don’t want to have to second-guess anything, and why marketeers need to take people’s thought processes out of the equation
  • Why there’s no harm in being salesy, despite opinion to the contrary. As Teresa says: “If you have a product or service that will solve someone’s problem, why on earth wouldn’t you let them know about it?”
  • What exactly a business funnel roadmap is, and how Teresa will showcase her model at MarketEd.Live 2019, unveiling each step a business needs to be taking, using real-life examples
  • Why the roadmap is a concept that any business of any size can apply
  • How you can use the same formulas in your business that huge companies like Amazon or British Airways use, but without the massive budget
  • Why Teresa believes Andrew & Pete are the ones who are killing it in marketing right now
  • How a Facebook ad by Marie Forleo really, really grabbed Teresa’s attention
  • Why MarketEd.Live, unlike many other conferences Teresa has attended, will leave you with so many takeaways you’ll still be talking about them a year later

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Teresa’s MarketEd.Live 2018 podcast

Marketing That Converts podcast

Gary Vee

Tony Robbins


Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller

Social Day

Andrew & Pete


Brooke Castillo’s Life Coach School podcast

Second Opinion podcast

Embarrassing Bodies

Marie Forleo

Chris Marr

Can’t wait until MarketEd.Live to talk to Teresa? Well, you can get in touch with her at, where you can also learn all about her online course and her academy, and she’s a frequent user of Instagram and Twitter. Get in touch!