“Alexa, enable Social Days…” In the 10th episode of our MarketEd NOT Live podcasts, we’re talking to Suze Cooper, a digital storyteller, journalist, broadcaster and all-round expert on Alexa flash briefings. Suze is the creator of two flash briefings, including Social Days, and is also the director of Big Tent Media. Here, we listen as Suze tells us why voice technology is such an exciting industry to be involved with, and how she wants to inspire and empower people to go out and try it for themselves.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How Suze, a print journalist, retrained to tell people’s stories through social media
  • How, and why, Suze became the voice of two flash briefings on Alexa
  • Why audio is seeing a massive boom with the likes of podcasts and voice tech, and how that is creating plenty of exciting opportunities for marketers, businesses and brands
  • Why flash briefings are being created by businesses and brands to tap into the ears of their clients
  • How a flash briefing is about adding value
  • Why, once someone has enabled your flash briefing, they are likely to listen to it regularly and it becomes ‘permission marketing’
  • What is sonic branding, and what sort of person needs to be the voice of a brand
  • How to approach your audience, and why you should know who you are gearing your content towards
  • How long your flash briefing should ideally be
  • Are flash briefings allowed to be sales driven
  • Why you need plan your daily briefings weeks in advance, and why you need to be committed to the process of recording, producing and uploading them
  • What are the top three things you need to consider if you’re interested in doing a flash briefing
  • Why MarketEd.Live is the friendliest of all conferences – how it’s a great laugh and a great learning experience as well

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Podcast Accelerator

Zoe Sugg

Alexa Developers

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast

If you want to know more about flash briefings, you can contact Suze Cooper on Twitter, on LinkedIn and at bigtent.media and ask away. Oh, and don’t forget to say “Alexa, enable Social Days”.