Well, here we are for the SEVENTH in our series of MarketEd NOT Live podcasts. Time flies when you’re having fun. And fun is definitely on the agenda in this episode, where we talk to multi award-winning entrepreneur and leading Facebook advertising consultant Gavin Bell. Also a renowned vlogger, Gavin knows all there is to know about Facebook ads, and he will be bringing that expertise to MarketEd.Live 2019 when he joins our fabulous line-up of speakers. Here, Gavin gives us a flavour of what we can expect at Nottingham Contemporary on September 30, namely how to create ads that aren’t annoying and that actually work to help you build your business – and become more profitable. All in a way that’s fun, energetic and engaging.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How, from a business point of view, Facebook is still the number one place to advertise your services and products to potential customers – and get returns that you want
  • Why you should be digging deeper into the consumer and not just looking at what they’re interested in but what are their buying habits, their relationships with people they work with etc
  • Why, before you create any ad, you should ask who is your perfect customer? Ask what they’re biggest problems are, and then create the solution for them
  • Rather than focus purely on creating ads and trying to get people to come into your business, why you should create content people will actually want to see
  • What Facebook’s three goals are – and how, when you create content, you can help Facebook achieve those goals
  • Why video is still the best method for creating content on Facebook
  • Why it’s only going to get harder to advertise on Facebook and Instagram, and why now is the time to start spending your money on it
  • How, as soon as brands start taking their big-budget advertising spend away from TV, that will start to squeeze out the smaller advertisers on Facebook
  • Why you should start to move away from boosting posts unless you have a proper advertising strategy. Start to learn how to build up campaigns through the Ads Manager
  • Why it’s important to set up tracking on your website, so when you start running ads, you can track all the data
  • Why making assumptions is one of the most dangerous things you could do in advertising – use the data instead

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Gary Vee

Facebook Ads Manager

FIFA Women’s World Cup

Amazon Alexa

Logan Paul podcast

You can connect with Gavin Bell through his website mrgavinbell.com and learn all about his online courses that will help you can create a Facebook advertising system that will actually work for you. Or you can get in touch via all the usual social media channels simply by searching for Mr Gavin Bell on Google. He’d love to hear from you 😊