Wow, we’re already into the sixth episode in our series of MarketEd NOT Live podcasts. Time flies when you’re having fun, and it certainly was fun talking to Phylecia Jones in this episode. Phylecia is the founder of iFind You Close and, without a shadow of doubt, she is a real authority on motivational speaking. Here, all the way from Denver, Colorado, Phylecia talks about the power of speaking as a marketing tool, and gives you some top tips and secrets on how to make speaking work for you and your business.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How Phylecia, a former US Navy scientist with a penchant for baton twirling and circus performing, came to be an international speaker and the go-to person for anyone with an itch to enter the world of motivational speaking
  • How, as a speaker, Phylecia was getting around 60% of her audience signing up to her email list
  • Why it’s behind the scenes at speaking events where you also close business, not just with the audience
  • Why, when you speak, it’s important not to go into “shy mode” but take in everything that’s going on in the room – seek out and talk to the host, the event co-ordinator, the vendors, other speakers
  • Why you should remember that you never know who may be in the room. Even if there is just a handful of listeners, there may be that one person there who needs YOU right at that moment
  • Why speaking is a long-term strategy – can you really call yourself a speaker if you’ve only done it twice? You need to be on stage regularly and consistently
  • How you’ll reap the benefits of inviting people to see you speak, people who you want to work with as clients in the future
  • Why evidence of being a speaker is key if you want credibility and you want to get more speaking gigs. By taking plenty of photos, people will see you’re consistent, that you’re out there, that people are listening to you. You will get business out of it
  • Why you should watch what the audience is doing, especially paying attention to the ‘mobile phone’ trick…
  • Why Cheryl Wood and fellow MarketEd NOT Live guest Mark Asquith are among the speakers Phylecia admires
  • How social media company Meet Edgar are killing it in marketing right now
  • Why Charmin’s “clean bottoms” particularly stand out at the moment!

Resources mentioned in this episode:


Women in Stem

Darren Hardy


Cheryl Wood

Mark Asquith

Brene Brown

Meet Edgar

You can find out more about Phylecia Jones and see the “craziness of her life” at iFind You Close, and you can connect with her on all social media channels by looking for @keepupwithmrsjones. She’d love to hear from you – and she may well give you her number so you can chat 😊