You’re in for a bit of a treat in the fifth episode of our MarketEd NOT Live podcasts. We’re very lucky, nay, privileged, to have spoken to the living legend that is Brian Solis. Brian is an award-winning author, a globally-renowned speaker and an anthropologist who studies disruptive technology and the impact it has on businesses. This is what we’re calling a conceptual episode, in that you’ll hear about how to change your social media habits and become more creative.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Brian is the author of eight books
  • Why his latest book ‘Lifescale’ was written for anyone who uses social media or smart phones, and that it looks at how disruptive trends can help leaders understand how technology markets and people are evolving, and how they can thrive as well as drive change and growth
  • Why Brian describes it as “ironic” that he felt personally disrupted by smart phones and social media, and how it led him to branch off into looking at the effects of technology on us as human beings
  • That Brian made a special contribution to the Marketed.Live 2018 report
  • How the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat were designed to distract us and make money by advertising and data
  • That, wait for it, Mark Zuckerberg is not trying to take over the world and, after all his research, Brian believes there was a point when someone at Facebook said “this is not having the most healthy or productive of effects on users”
  • How social media can affect productivity at work and in our daily lives, our self-esteem, our health, and can trigger depression
  • But, to take control, why you don’t have to delete all your social media accounts or apps
  • Why writing ‘Lifescale’ – which is a life manual for modern living – was a life-changing moment for Brian and that, for the reader, you can share his journey to solving the problem and help you be whoever you want to be now that your eyes are open
  • Why ‘Lifescale’ is like a workbook, and how the challenge for Brian was to sell a book about distraction and creativity to people who don’t know they’re distracted and who aren’t as creative as they could be
  • How reaction to ‘Lifescale’ has seen some of Brian’s contemporaries in technology say their minds were blown by the book, while some others have shut the door on him
  • How, ultimately, Brian wants to get his book to parents, teachers and our youth, to help them understand what’s happening to them every day so they can make positive changes in their lives and be more creative and happier

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Brian Solis’s books

Social Media Marketing World

BJ Fogg

The MarketEd.Live 2018 Marketing Report


Burning Man

You can join Brian on his journey by getting your own copy of Lifescale, which is available on Amazon or at The book will also be around at MarketEd.Live 2019 but, in the meantime, if you want to know more about Brian or get in touch with him, you can visit his website