In this episode of MarketEd NOT Live, we talk to the multi-talented Jonny Prest, also known as Brand Master Flash. Jonny is the creative director of Seed, who are specialists in brand strategy, art direction and, of course, marketing. Jonny reveals how to use branding to turn your audience into customers, and the value of having a business plan firmly in place before you launch your company. 

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Why clients don’t want to hear that marketing and social media is going to change – and why it’s about educating them and making sure they continue to evolve 
  • How you turn your audience into your customers and, crucially, encourage them to keep coming back to you 
  • Why your company logo is the most important graphic you’ll ever create – and why it should be the last thing you do, not the first 
  • What’s that? You don’t write a business plan? You really should, and it should ALL be written down 
  • What are the seven key foundations of brand strategy 
  • Why business development is not about sales – it’s about your brand strategy 
  • Why it’s Uber who are killing it in marketing right now 
  • How a diner in America have got it absolutely spot on in the way they market themselves 
  • A cutting edge analysis of men’s grooming. Yes, you read that right 😊 

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Seth Godin’s ‘This is Marketing’ 
Middle Child 
Adobe After Effects 
The Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast 
How to Create the Perfect Website 
The MarketEd.Live 2019 Marketing Report 

You can connect with Jonny Prest on Twitter @brand_flash or on LinkedIn here. Or you can contact him through the Seed website. He’d love to hear from you.