In the second of our series of MarketEd NOT Live podcasts, we crossed the Atlantic (not literally) to hook up with Christine Gritmon. Big on red hair and big on personality, Christine is a social media strategist and “small business superfan”. She helps overwhelmed small business owners take better advantage of the incredible community-generated opportunities that social media offers, all with an eye towards strategy, efficiency and personality. 

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • How Christine, a former journalist, went into social media because she wanted to help small businesses tell their own stories 
  • She is the ONLY person in the WORLD called Christine Gritmon. Now that’s unique! 
  • Christine attended the memorial service for Estee Lauder and, having worked for the cosmetics company, has always been inspired by Lauder’s origin story. However, Christine says the company are missing a trick by not telling that story more 
  • Why she feels there’s a backlash against the big companies, such as Amazon, because consumers instead want a personalised, authentic experience 
  • Why too many small businesses are afraid to put their human side out there and would rather hide behind the brand, but that their smallness, their humanness, is their strength 
  • How Instagram has effectively killed Snapchat and, because of their constant innovation, are in many ways eclipsing parent company Facebook 
  • How a small business can take all the advantages of a big business if they know how to keep it relatively simple and true to themselves, and why it’s inspiring that some of the larger brands are now trying to figure out how to do this in reverse to get back to being like “the smaller guys” 
  • How Stephanie Liu is killing it right now in marketing, because she’s saying “You know what, I can shine but I want everyone else to shine too – and here’s how…” 
  • Why Brian Fanzo and Amy Landino’s new podcast Just Try This works so well and is so relatable because it’s two good friends talking about their experiences 
  • How Christine flew to the UK last year to specifically help out as a volunteer at MarketEd.Live 2018 

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Estee Lauder 
Stephanie Liu 
Cam Link 
The Andrew and Pete Show 
Amy Porterfield’s podcast 
Just Try This podcast by Brian Fanzo and Amy Landino 
Pottery Barn 

You can connect with Christine Gritmon on Twitter @cgritmon, on Instagram here, on LinkedIn here or on Facebook here. Or you can contact her through her website. She’d love to hear from you 😊