To kick off the first in our series of MarketEd NOT Live podcasts, we talk to someone who, quite appropriately, knows all there is to know about podcasting.

Not only is Mark Asquith the CEO and co-founder of Rebel Base Media, the UK’s leading podcast experts, he’s also happily known as “that British podcast guy.” 

Here, Mark tells us how he got into podcasts, the benefits of a business starting a podcast, how easy it is, and how simple storytelling can improve audio contact and offer increasing value. 

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • How a love of DC Comics was the spark that ignited Mark’s podcast fire 
  • Why podcast is the ONLY medium – trumping even video – that can talk directly to your audience and tap straight into someone’s brain 
  • Why the UK podcast scene needs to start being more entertaining if it’s to fully realise its true potential 
  • How your business can be on to a real winner if your podcast is entertaining, tells a story and educates your listeners 
  • How to structure and format your podcast to get the absolute most from it 
  • Why your podcast should be a long-term project and how success comes from consistency 
  • The ideal length of a podcast and how frequently you should do it 
  • How Bon Jovi’s hit song Livin’ on a Prayer holds the key to podcasting 
  • Why the future for business podcast in the UK is where YOU are NOT the primary focus 
  • Why Teresa Heath-Wareing is killing it in marketing right now 
  • How MarketEd.Live is the event that kicked off this new phase of ‘Marketing Conference 2.0’ we’re now seeing in the UK 

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Rebel Base Media 
Podcast Accelerator, Founders’ Fireside and Spark of Rebellion 
Podcast Success Academy 
Podcast Design Studio 
Podcast Websites 
Fatman on Batman 
RØDECaster™ Pro 
Business Wars 

You can connect with Mark Asquith on Twitter @MrAsquith, on Instagram here, or on LinkedIn here. Or you can contact him through his website. He’d love to chat with you.