Listen, read, watch, learn. Review, listen again and learn. Again.

Chris Marr isn’t a perfectionist, but is certainly an advocate of self-improvement. As a teacher of content marketing, Chris’ approach is one of support, assistance and inspiration.

As the founder of the Content Marketing Academy, he’s spent most of his professional career teaching others how to improve their content.

The feedback from his community is incredible – membership numbers and attendees at CMA’s events are testament to that. Fortunately, Chris is also a humble guy and willing to share his own experiences with others and offer foresight into what’s coming next.

In this episode, we talk to Chris about what content actually means, what purpose it serves and how you can improve your content just by watching this video.

Connect with Chris:

Twitter: @ChrisMarr101
Instagram: @ChrisMarr101

Watch the video below:

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