Paul Chapman (AKA Chappers) is a best-selling author and international speaker specialising in marketing strategy. He’s also a mod as his attire is testament to.

In this episode of MarketEd NOT Live we discuss why it’s important to consider potential customer journeys and how they related to your sales funnel.

As he’s all suited and booted, we end up discussing (temporarily) what you should wear to a meeting and whether it’s important to consider how you appear in person, once you’ve made that connection elsewhere such as online.

But it’s not all about digital marketing. Paul’s a huge advocate of picking up the phone, as he is using print or more analogue approaches to getting attention from potential clients and customers.

It could be the marketing equivalent of Loose Women, but we hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Connect with Paul:

Twitter: @ThePaulChapman

Watch the video below:

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