Look, we just can’t be impartial about this. There is literally no event that we’ve been to that has given us all the feels that MarketEd.Live 2018 delivered. It was, frankly, the best marketing event we have ever been to.

That’s largely down to you, and a little bit of organisation from us.

Let’s start off by saying a HUGE thank you to every single person and business that’s been involved in MarketEd.Live 2018. From the attendees, whose commitment to the day, taking time to learn and to network with others is inspiring, to the sponsors who give us cash to create the experience and the MarketEd.Live team who did the stuff that needs doing, like checking people in and answering questions. It’s a big task and there are many cogs to the machine to get it to work.

Although you may know about the event itself, there’s almost a fringe event taking place either side of it. On the Monday before, Chris Strub gave a private viewing (the world’s first) of his film 50 States, 100 Days, a video version of his best selling book all about his travels around the US livestreaming and helping others in the community. It caused a few tears – what an emotional 20 minutes.

Later that evening, if you were around the Lace Market area of Nottingham, you may have seen delegates following Robin Hood around on a (rather epic) pub crawl around the city centre, that took in some history, but mainly bars.

Tuesday morning, and event day dawned. As people tucked in to coffee and croissants, the excitement was palpable as we kicked off MarketEd.Live 2018 in style in the amazingly futuristic venue of Nottingham Contemporary.

Paul Ince (BizPaul) welcomed people to the day and gave an insight into why we’d chosen ‘The Future’ as this year’s theme. Prior to the day, we conducted some research with you, our dear audience, about your thoughts on where marketing was now and where it was heading. The full results of the research will be released soon, so watch this space.

Chris Marr told us to be the wikipedia of our industry. To consider what our customer want to know and to be able to service them in any way they need.

Emma Leech was one of the stand out stars of this year’s event. We love bringing people to you who you may not have heard of, but who is a big deal in their area of expertise. This is what MarketEd.Live is all about – it’s so important to get out of your own bubble, to broaden your marketing horizons. Because, even if you specialise in a particular field, marketing is not about one discipline.

Howard Jones of EE gave us insight into what happens when the half time whistle goes and people’s attention switches – we thought it was surprising, but makes total sense.

Timothy Armoo taught us about advertainment, and how using members of the target demographic can get somewhat traditional brands in front of new audiences.

Ross Davies brought the multi-sensory website to Nottingham. Future websites’ use of senses and personalisation can improve the visitor experience and deliver customers further along the customer journey.

Hannah McCreesh, a podcaster on fire ­čśé┬ádelivered her first ever talk, on a subject she knows a lot about – creating content in audio format, a format that is becoming increasingly important. By showing us the reasons why audio marketing is a great idea for any businesses she had many thinking about what their podcast would be about.

Back one more time, to reprise their knowledge, the Class of 2017, some of the speakers at last year’s event, took part in a panel where they told us what had changed in the past twelve months. We got some particular views about how influencer marketing is STILL developing, and taking surprising turns and how consuming less content, not more, can allow you space to truly consider how your brand should be seen.

Marketed Live 2018

Our closing keynote speaker, Chris Strub, made his international speaking debut in Nottingham and people weren’t disappointed. Showing us the passion that building community brings, and how this can be used effectively to drive audience connection with a business, Chris got the crowd involved, performing his trademark ‘I Am Here’ stance. We were all here.

At the end of the event, when thanks were said, there was such a feeling of togetherness, that everyone had been through the same experience. Learning, but coming together.

The only requirement on the speakers was that they talked in some way about how the future would influence their area of expertise. Yet each of them talked in addition about the power of connectivity, of the personal, and its importance to businesses large and small.

We can’t thank you enough if you came. If you didn’t, that doesn’t actually matter; we hope to see you in 2019 where we hope we can replicate, or even improve, what was a stunning day.