Whoop! Get those headphones/earphones/earbuds ready ladies and gentlemen, because we’ve taken the plunge and created our first ever MarketEd.Live podcast.

It’s not live, we recorded it, so we called the podcast MarketEd NOT Live. Jeez, we’re such amazing marketers – let us loose on your brand right now 😂.

Why create a podcast?

Well, according to Edison Research, over 75% of people who listen to podcasts take action based on the host simply asking them to do something. That’s pretty amazing. Imagine if we just said ‘buy a ticket to MarketEd.Live’ over and over again. Would people just do it? Of course not.

That’s why we’re using the audio format to add value by bringing guest experts in different marketing disciplines to share their knowledge with you, the dear listener.

Podcasting is hugely popular and a great format to connect with a brand audience. We’re excited to learn more ourselves as we go.

Here’s how to find the podcast:

Apple – Open the Podcast app on your device and search for MarketEd NOT Live
Spotify – Open Spotify and search for MarketEd NOT Live
Stitcher – Either use the Stitcher app or browse here

Plus, we’ll be embedding each episode here on the MarketEd.Live website – you will literally not be able to miss it.

Here’s the first episode below, just to whet your appetite.

What’s more, we’re filming each episode to give you the full experience. Watch as we chat on the MarketEd.Live sofa with our guests.

You can find it on Facebook, YouTube and on the blog. You won’t be able to escape! Mwahahahahaaaaaa!