Going to events like MarketEd.Live is a great way to develop your skills, feel inspired and network. It helps you to keep ahead of trends and to have some time out for reflecting on your own business and how you can grow it.

I enjoyed MarketEd.Live in Derby so much last year that I booked my 2018 ticket straight away. And with only 2 weeks to go, I’m starting to plan what kind of content I’d like to create for the event to participate in the social media buzz around it.

Now, September is back to school for the kids, so why not challenge yourself to learn something new too? We all love Twitter, right? But what about learning how to make the most of LinkedIn for the MarketEd.Live event?

After all, LinkedIn reaches over 575 million users worldwide and should not be ignored when you plan your events communications.

LinkedIn is 15 years old now but many of us still associate it with the stuffy recruitment platform it used to be. So many new features were launched over the last year, from native video to being able to upload subtitles. Conversations are becoming less stuffy too. It’s time to let go of that outdated perception and to really embrace it as part of your social media strategy.

I recommend putting the fun back into your LinkedIn posting and letting your personality shine through!

Here are some tips for using LinkedIn to amplify the impact of your event investment.

Get involved in the live tweeting

Most people enjoy live-tweeting as a way to share the event’s excitement and learnings. And once you accept Twitter’s fast-paced nature during marketing events (packed with social media crazy people!), it’s a relatively easy skill to master.

If you’d like some tips and techniques for how to make an impact with your live-tweeting, read this blog on how to live-tweet like a pro.

Look up the MarketEd.Live organisers

For MarketEd.Live it’s Paul and the team at LikeMind Media. Comment on their posts about the event. It’s all about adding value and being helpful.

If you have relevant blog posts why not add them to the discussion? Tag people in your network who might also be interested in the event’s topic – I view LinkedIn like introducing people at a party.

Talk to Sarah, she loves SEO and I know you have this in common. Have a chat with Paul, he might be able to help you with CRM and all sorts of social media type things. You get the drift. It’s just like being a friendly host at a party who makes it easy for people to have a fruitful discussion.

Use the search function

Run a search to locate people who mention the event and comment on their posts.

The more you comment the more people are likely to reciprocate and you’ll grow your reach amongst a highly relevant audience. And your own audience will see your comments in their updates too.

While you’re at the event, try out the new ‘Find nearby’ function to connect with people – I can’t wait to try it out.

Post an update to say that you’re attending

In the post, explain why you are looking forward to it. Make it stand out by using bullet points and emojis and tag a couple of people, asking questions related to the key topics of the event.

When you post about the event, ask who else is attending. You might also want to connect with people upfront who you want to meet at the event. If so, send them a personalised connection request – mentioning MarketEd.Live will work a treat for this.

Time at events fly by, so make sure you use LinkedIn to identify events attendees you want to connect with.

Schedule LinkedIn time

It’s easy to get distracted when using social media. I recommend scheduling two time slots a day to deal with your notifications. It’s so important to comment and like other people’s posts. And if you make an effort it can position you as an approachable expert.

Jump on the video bandwagon

Right now, video does amazingly on LinkedIn. Why not record short videos during the breaks highlighting some of the key points you learnt? Make sure you tag the speakers in too.

After the event, you could record a longer video, with some of your key learnings using an app like REV to get subtitles. This makes such a difference as most people watch videos on LinkedIn without the sound on.

Continue the conversation

LinkedIn prefers to keep its audience on the platform, so why not post a longform article after the event?

Topics that do well include:

  • Highlights from the speeches (tagging the speaker in)
  • 6 things you learnt from the event
  • Key trends and how they’ll impact your sector

Keep in touch with attendees and connect with them on other platforms too. Add them to your Twitter list for the event and invite them to your Facebook groups. It’s really worth nurturing your connections this way and it may lead to collaborative projects, new business and invitations to podcasts and other events.

Does this really work you might ask? Yes, here are 2 examples: I met the lovely Lenka at last year’s MarketEd.Live and she has invited me to speak about personal branding at the Cambridge Social Media Day. I met Mark and he has become my super trusted video editor.

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

Before you go to the event, spend half an hour optimising your profile. It’s all about making a great first impression:

  • Upload an up-to-date on brand headshot and try to use the same one across all your platforms. This will make it easier for people to recognise and remember you
  • Use the banner image that goes behind your headshot to make you stand out in a good way
  • Highlight in your personal summary you are attending the event and encourage people to connect with you, tell them how to connect
  • Showcase your latest blogs, vlogs and media coverage – many people overlook this fantastic marketing opportunity on their profile
  • Make sure your recommendations are up-to-date – it’s always nice to have some social proof

Watch the Wunderbar Marketing Efficiency Show for more tips to boost your personal brand on LinkedIn. It’s such a fantastic marketing tool for your personal brand, whether you’re an entrepreneur or employee hoping to set up your own business one day. Use LinkedIn well and it really positions you for success.

If you enjoyed these tips, why not connect with me on LinkedIn mentioning MarketEd.Live? I look forward to meeting you in Nottingham! And if you want to boost your LinkedIn confidence and skills, sign up to my Sugar Rush where I share sweet marketing tips for busy entrepreneurs.