We get it. You may need to get sign off from your boss to attend an event that will improve the business that you work for.

They may not have heard about MarketEd.Live and so need you to spell out the benefits to them.

Rest assured that we have just the email content to send them to convince them that sending you to MarketEd.Live 2018 in Nottingham is literally the greatest thing they could do to help push that needle along the proverbial dial.

Just edit the bits in [ ]. Whatever you do, don’t send them the [ ] 🙈

Dear [Boss],

I’ve been looking at ways in which I can improve my marketing skills over the next few months and bring more knowledge into the [team/business].

MarketEd.Live 2018 is an event running in Nottingham on 25 September that looks as if it ticks all the boxes for me. The agenda looks phenomenal; the subject matter is all based around the future of marketing and how we can get some competitive advantage by implementing some of the techniques now. I’m going to learn so much.

Looking at other events around the UK, the ticket price is really cost-effective at £247 including VAT. There are also discounts on hotels and trains. I’ve calculated the total costs for the business to send me there are as follows:

Ticket: £247
[Hotel: £97]
[Travel: £xx]
[Other expenses: £xx]

Total: [£xx]

With the amount of content on the day, it’s fantastic value for money. There will be fellow marketers to network with and share experiences. I know I will be able to implement my findings from the event straight away.

If you’d like to take a look for yourself, you can find all the information at www.marketed.live. Perhaps we could go together?

Kind regards,


Have you used a similar email to your boss and got the result you wanted? It would be great if you could share that with us. Send it in to us at hey@marketed.live