Look, we REALLY want to see you in Nottingham on 30 September 2019. But, we also totally appreciate that you may just not be able to come along.

We’re sad about that. 😢

See? We used the sad emoji and everything.

MarketEd.Live is best experienced in person, IRL. There’s nothing that can replicate the camaraderie at atmosphere of the room. We will, however, do our best to capture that on video.

Thanks to our friends at Tale Production, MarketEd.Live 2019 sessions will be being filmed and you can now get hold of our virtual ticket, meaning you can view the learning at your convenience (well, for 12 months).

The virtual ticket is available thanks to our friends at Thinkific, our elearning partner.

We do not stream sessions live. If you purchase a virtual ticket, you will receive access details once the video sessions are available. This can be up to a few weeks’ later, once all the editing and post production is complete.

To purchase a virtual ticket at £127 + VAT, please click the button below and complete your details.

We will send you a VAT invoice once payment has been received.

For every virtual ticket sold, we’ll donate £27 to Earth Alliance’s Amazon Fund because, well, we kind of need the Earth to run future MarketEd.Live events.

Please note: for security reasons, Elizabeth Stokoe’s session cannot be recorded and so will not be available to virtual ticket holders.