Our third and final part of our series of posts with the results of our survey, asking our audience to give us their inspiring individuals for 2020.

Click here for the first part, where we give the explanation of how this list was devised.

And here for the second part, in case you missed it.

Otherwise, here’s the top 10.

Teresa Heath-Wareing10 Teresa Heath-Wareing @THeathWareing

Our keynote speaker at MarketEd.Live 2019, Teresa is an international speaker, trainer and host of the Marketing That Converts podcast, where she interviews the top names in the world of marketing and supporting industries. In fact, she’s probably interviewed most of this list (or will soon). Her Marketing That Converts Academy is helping small businesses get marketing right to help them on their way to successful growth.


Rand Fishkin9 Rand Fishkin @RandFish

Another legend of the SEO world, and another legend of Moz Whiteboard Fridays, Rand is arguably THE SEO guy on the planet. We’ve yet to find someone working in the field that does not respect him. If you want insight into Google and the neverending need to work out how the damn thing works, look no further than Rand Fishkin.


Darren Rowse8 Darren Rowse @ProBlogger

Speaker, host, author from Melbourne, Australia, Darren has been making a living from blogging for over 15 years. Indeed, the reason he appears so high up in the list is that many consider him the godfather of blogging, and an inspiration for persistence that pays.


Amy Porterfield7 Amy Porterfield @AmyPorterfield

Often described as the American Teresa Heath-Wareing, Amy is a powerhouse of entrepreneurship for many, helping thousands of business owners use marketing in a way that can scale via email lists, online training courses and webinars. If you’ve ever been on an Amy Porterfield webinar, you’ll know how well structured they are. Amy makes your life goals very much part of her mantra, empowering her audience to be the best they can be.


Mark Ritson6 Mark Ritson @MarkRitson

A very popular choice with our audience, Mark isn’t scared to say his piece on the current world of marketing, often calling out bullshit efforts, writing for Marketing Week and creating the Mini MBA in Marketing which many nominators said they had taken and loved.



Steven Bartlett5 Steven Bartlett @SteveBartlettSC

Steven describes himself as ‘learning out loud’. Well, many people are listening to him. Not only has he one of the most successful and fearless social media agencies in the world in Social Chain, but Steven has a successful podcast and is mentioned as an inspiration for their own agencies among many of the MarketEd.Live community. Recently, Steven appeared on Channel 4’s Secret Teacher programme, where his generosity in spirit matched that which he gave the school.


Simon Sinek4 Simon Sinek @SimonSinek

Is there anyone in the marketing world that has not heard of Simon’s Golden Circle and at least tried to articulate their ‘why’? His seminal book Start With Why has been read by millions and his TED talk watched by even more. Simon’s website articulates his why: ‘To inspire people to do the things that inspire them so that, together, each of us can change our world for the better.’. That is truly inspirational in itself and worthy of a space in our top five.


Mark Schaefer3 Mark Schaefer @MarkWSchaefer

Another man that can be truly described as a marketing legend, Mark is an author, speaker and strategist. But perhaps what is most likeable about him, and why he rests at number three in our list of those who inspire, is what people describe as his ‘accessibility’. Unlike others that people look up to, there are many stories of Mark casually chatting with them at round tables during conferences, hanging back to take the time to converse and share ideas.


Ann Handley2 Ann Handley @MarketingProfs

Head of Content Marketing at MarketingProfs (a company which, in itself, is an inspiration to us at MarketEd.Live) and the author of two books including the required reading Everybody Writes Ann is just the most wonderful human being to boot. It’s no secret that we’re massive fans of Ann. Funny, sassy and knowledgable in all aspects of writing, she is responsible for many people in our profession taking writing seriously as a form of content that can deliver results for a business. She likes a craft beer and an axe to throw.


Seth Godin1 Seth Godin @ThisIsSethsBlog

Not a huge surprise to us that Seth is MarketEd.Live’s audience numero uno. We asked for people that inspired and this gentleman’s name came up again and again. Whether it’s helping people realise that the simple suggestions are sometimes the most powerful through books like Purple Cow or This is Marketing, or being willing enough to contribute to the world’s projects (just like he did with the MarketEd.Live 2019 Marketing Report), Seth’s musing offer thought-provoking stimuli that enable the marketer to consider for themselves, where they want to take their creativity. And that helps us all become better marketers.


That ends the countdown of the 2020 marketers that inspire. As we said right at the beginning, this is just one of many potential lists that do this kind of thing. This is our list, with all the possible disagreements it may start. That’s good. Debate is healthy. Please do go and check out anyone you were not aware of. Maybe consider following them so that you can be inspired too.