Here we are with part two of a three part series of posts defining the MarketEd.Live 2020 Marketers that Inspire.

Click here for the first part, where we give the explanation of how this list was devised.

Otherwise, here’s the list from 20-11.

Roger Edwards20 Roger Edwards @Roger_Edwards

Edinburgh based Roger can be found on either an EasyJet flight or the Caledonian Sleeper on the way to share his knowledge to large corporations or halls full of people. An accomplished speaker who’s been in the marketing game for over 25 years, there’s not much BS that gets past him. Don’t mess with him, though, he’ll body combat you to death.

Britney Muller19 Britney Muller @BritneyMuller

Britney is Senior SEO Scientist at Moz. A highly regarded member of the SEO world, her social feed is full of helpful breaking news and information that all marketers can use regardless of their SEO experience. Britney often features on the infamous Whiteboard Fridays where you can check our her knowledge before confirming those nominating her were quite correct.

Marie Forleo18 Marie Forleo @MarieForleo

Described as ‘an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and unshakable optimist’, it’s no surprise to see Marie on this list. Many respondents talked about how Marie inspires them to carry on with their business in trying times. The amount and level of content cannot be denied, with books, audio and video training and an online show to boot.

Janet Murray17 Janet Murray @Jan_Murray

A journalist for many years prior to becoming a business owner, event organiser and speaker, Janet’s background in PR and content makes her an expert in building the right audience for your business. A fast growing Instagram account, in which she openly shares how she’s doing it, gives people the how-to they need to grow their own following.

Geoff Ramm16 Geoff Ramm @GeoffRamm

One of many inspirations from the north east of England, Geoff predominantly talks at conferences about customer experience and the need to offer a ‘celebrity service’. As 2020 dawns, if you’re not combining great marketing with amazing customer service, are you even in the game?

Gary Vaynerchuk15 Gary Vaynerchuk @GaryVee

No surprises for finding Gary on a list of people who inspire others. Whilst not everyone appreciates Gary’s style, it’s rare that his insights turn out to be wrong. An early fan of every platform that exists, the sheer volume of content he and his team creates is incredible. People can take a lot from the methodologies used, even if they don’t like the message. But plenty of people do like it, otherwise we wouldn’t see him in this list.

Neil Patel14 Neil Patel @NeilPatel

Neil is huge in the SEO world and beyond, included in Forbes’ Top 10 Marketers list on a regular basis. Another entry that creates content in multiple places, Neil is an author of many top-selling books. His multiple tools, that are available for all to use, help many people do their own jobs more effectively.


Andrew & Pete13 Andrew & Pete @AndrewAndPete

This one gets a big ‘yay’ from us. Speakers from the very first MarketEd.Live in 2017, we’ve seen them go stratospheric in recent years, keynoting Social Media Marketing World in 2019, and appearing in many other places too. Running a successful membership that helps hundreds of people scale their business, we’re actually surprised they didn’t make the top ten.

John Jantsch12 John Jantsch @DuctTape

John is the author of Duct Tape Marketing, a highly successful blog and book series that has clearly touched the lives of many in the MarketEd.Live audience. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, John’s agency offers consultancy and done for you services, with a range of consultants, but it’s him that you’ll likely have seen or heard.

BizPaul11 BizPaul @BizPaul

Well, this is a bit awkward. There was a debate about whether to exclude our Paul on the basis that he’s the founder of MarketEd.Live. But there were some nice comments that suggested that people think all this thing is quite valuable to their lives, careers and businesses so here he is. He’s very embarrassed by it all, but is incredibly grateful for the recognition.