As a marketer, you’ll appreciate that there’s nothing that people like more than a list of people. A list serves many purposes, one of which is to try and get people to share the list, or their involvement at least. I must admit, that’s part of the strategy, but mainly it’s about understanding the MarketEd.Live audience and what inspires it.

Who are the figureheads of our industry? Why is it worth paying attention to them?

The method and data collection

We created a single-question survey where we asked people to nominate someone from the marketing world that inspires them to be a better marketer.

The results are now in. Over the next few days, we are releasing the top 30, as voted by the MarketEd.Live audience.

This is an important note: no one is saying this is an industry-defining list, simply the favourites of those who responded. There were many, many nominations than those in the top 30, so we’re not saying that those in the list got hundreds of entries, they just got the most.

This list may be controversial. It may contain people you haven’t heard of. I think that’s even better; it’s great to discover new people and, frankly, you don’t have to have a large audience to inspire.

Today’s run down, from 30-21:

Drew Davis30 Andrew Davis @DrewDavisHere

Andrew is a best-selling author and frequently speaks at some of the top stages in the world. He also wears incredible glasses and bow tie combos – something to be admired. His energy on stage means the audience leaves enthused, nay, energised. Drew dives deep into curiosity and the psychological factors behind marketing strategy and content.


Debbie Dooodah29 Debbie Clarke @DebbieDooodah

Debbie is a business coach that helps people create the life they want to live. A fan of all things yellow (you could never say she wasn’t living the brand), Debbie’s no bullshit approach is raw and realistic. She’s well known in the Nottingham area and beyond and is described as ‘inspiring’ by a number of those that nominated her.


Dawn Anderson28 Dawn Anderson @DawnieAndo

If you came to MarketEd.Live 2017, you’ll remember the intensity of Dawn’s session on search. A legend of the search and SEO world, Dawn can be seen at many of the world’s leading search conferences sharing her knowledge. She’s down to earth and tells it like it is. We love her, and you do too.


Travis Chambers27 Travis Chambers @Travis_Chambers

One of the Forbes 30 Under 30, Travis is the Chief Media Hacker of Chamber Media, his company that specialises in creating video ads that actually sell. If you want to see how video in 2020 needs to be done, go and check out the creative work Travis’ team are doing. The ad about menstrual cramps is a particular highlight (believe it or not).


Marcus Sheridan26 Marcus Sheridan @TheSalesLion

Marcus’ seminal book They Ask, You Answer is required reading for anyone thinking about creating content for an audience. Focusing on the audience, Marcus has been inspiring many of the MarketEd.Live audience for years. Go and check his backstory if you want some further inspiration.


Wemmy Ogunyankin25 Wemmy Ogunyankin (LinkedIn Profile)

A writer at Sheffield’s Diva Creative, Wemmy was nominated for ‘telling authentic stories’. She says ‘good storytelling is achieved not only with words, but with sound, images, colours and even texture’. This multi-sensory approach is how we’ve always told stories, and is more important now than ever.


Pippa Akram24 Pippa Akram @SocialPip

We’re totally biased, but we’re thrilled to see Pippa make it into the list, although she will be mortifyingly humble about it. Her musings on social media, including a very successful Instagram story format, focus on small, local businesses and supporting them. Comments from nominations demonstrated how Pip ‘fights the small business’ corner’ and ‘gives tips that can be used by the non-marketers of the world’.


Chris Ducker23 Chris Ducker @ChrisDucker

Keynoting MarketEd.Live 2017, Chris has developed his personal brand, Youpreneur into a successful membership, podcast, book and live event demonstrating how to put one’s own theory into practice.


Tim Elliott22 Tim Elliott @TimElliottUK

Another friend of the audience, Tim came up with the idea for MarketEd.Live along with BizPaul, in a pub in Kegworth. Well known in the East Midlands area, Tim helps create growth for businesses through marketing. He also runs the Creative Mornings franchise in Derby and can be seen speaking, across the region and beyond, encouraging marketers to be braver.


Joe Pulizzi21 Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi

Joe is a best-selling author and founder of the Content Marketing Institute. He likes the colour orange and has set up a charitable foundation, The Orange Effect, that helps to make speech therapy available to every child that needs it. Joe has a wealth of knowledge that is hardly beaten; his podcast is well worth a listen.