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Marketing agencies at MarketEd.Live 2023

If you’re a marketing agency, we have some additional benefits for you.

The agency world is extremely competitive. Often it’s not the price that an agency pitches at that secures the work. Instead, the vision of the strategy and the impact it will have is critical to your chances of securing the deal.

Building an agency that has the creativity for your campaigns to stand out not only enhances your reputation, but it increases the chance of a successful campaign, delivering results for your clients.

We’re laser-focused on creating an event for professional marketers that puts them at the top of their game. We want those who come to MarketEd.Live events to return to the agency with fresh thinking that sets you apart from the many other agencies out there that didn’t attend.

Investing in your team’s skills is a great return on your investment:

  • They will learn the latest strategies in marketing and bring them back to the office for the benefit of your clients
  • Their ideas will improve your client pitches
  • They will return motivated and excited to try new thinking out
  • Your business name will be shared among the attendees and the speakers, who all have decent audiences, during networking with people at the event.

We live in a time where we’re all trying to retain staff. Investing in your people shows you care about their career while the agency benefits from the improved skillset. The cost of a ticket to MarketEd.Live presents Creative Climate is negligible compared to many training courses that exist and yet this event will give them the very latest thinking.

Tickets are £250 + VAT per person. However, we would like to offer you a group booking discount if you’d like to visit as a team.

Team of 3 – £600 + VAT

Team of 6 – £1,000 + VAT

We can accommodate any other combination over three tickets. Please email with your request for a special price.