Creative Climate

A new era for MarketEd events: smaller in scale, more meaningful connections, big marketing discussions. Join us Thursday 8th September 2022 at the Fazeley Studios, Birmingham.


The last few years have dawned a new era that marketers have to navigate. How do we do that? What are the things that people, marketers, businesses need to be thinking about to be relevant to what’s going on, the mood of the times, and adapting to a seemingly ever-changing environment we inhabit. 

You will find out the answers to all these questions and more, at MarketEd.Live presents Creative Climate.  

Prepare to be challenged as we aim to provoke and stir emotion to enable our community of intelligent thinkers to forge their own path ahead for the better of themselves, their businesses, their audiences and the broader world we live in. 

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who is Creative Climate for?

Marketing professionals looking to stay ahead in the industry

Social media managers who need to stand out in busy newsfeeds

Creatives curious about what attracts audiences to take the action you want

Brand specialists and brand managers who need to articulate the vision of their organisation to their audience in a new and exciting way

Marketing leaders looking to create the best environment for their teams to thrive and recruit people who can think differently

Business owners wishing to support their marketing team or learn more about how best marketing practices can increase sales to their business

Freelancers who often need to wear several hats and understand where they can have the most impact and where they can collaborate

Copywriters, video and audio producers needing to learn what’s coming with future audiences and how to serve them best

Anyone with a keen interest in being the best in marketing


As with all MarketEd.Live events, the Creative Climate session leaders have been hand-picked to deliver unique, immersive sessions you won’t have seen anywhere else. Expect to discover new speakers, gain brand new insights and learn from industry experts.  

don’t miss out on…

Gaining insights you can implement in your business the very next day

Hearing the latest thinking from a variety of thought leaders and experts 

Networking with likeminded people including attendees and speakers

High quality lunch and refreshments

Facilitated sessions with fresh thinking that helps you stay ahead of your competition 

Improving the marketing you undertake and achieve better results for your business or clients

A full day’s education and actionable learning for a bargain price

Pre and post-event activities including after party


What to expect on the day (subject to change)

Boy, do we have an agenda for you. Not only will the topics be amazing, but each session will be followed by reflection time for group discussions on the key points raised by the speaker. Get ready to participate in creative conversations.  

08.30 Coffee & WELCOME

Grab a pastry and a coffee and mingle with the rest of the attendees.

09.30 welcome with bizpaul

BizPaul will kick off the day with an introductory session on how to get the most from the day.

09.50 KATY LeESON: The Pursuit of Purpose

The past two years have made us all really evaluate what’s important to us. During this session, we’ll be taking a look at the importance of getting to know the values that drive us individually and the ways in which we can use them to fill both our professional and personal lives with more of what makes us happy. Whether you’re a freelancer, business leader, manager or team member, this session will be a turning point in the way you understand the motivations of both yourself and the teams around you, allowing you to make informed decisions.

10.30 Group discussions

Tables will be given time to discuss Katy’s session and work through what it means for you.

10.40 Break

It’s time for more coffee. Breaks will be structured to maximise networking and collaboration.

11.10 Thierry Ngutegure: ‘Creativity isn’t owned by creatives’

How to think creatively with data

A common misconception is that creativity and data live separately. That’s far from the truth: creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of what company, department or channel you work in, data can supercharge existing ideas and give them a new lease of life. In this session, we’ll explore how you (yes, you) can use your own data, a report, old or new, and create an entire campaign that inspires or challenges your audience.

11.40 Group discussions

Reflect on Thierry’s session, share ideas and plan how you might start to use data as a spark for creativity.

11.50 Jonny Prest: Get Up, Stand Up: What does your brand community fight for?

Now more than ever, as we approach a tipping point of a climate catastrophe, the decisions we make – as individuals and as businesses – have an impact on our planet and those who inhabit it. Can marketing save us? 

How do we get more people to start talking about climate change? Let’s take a journey into brand DNA and why collective purpose and ethical brand building have never been so important. 

12.20 Group discussions

Time to consider the impact of the marketing environment on our businesses.

12.30 LUNCH

As always, there’s a delicious lunch just waiting for you.

13.20 annie Litchfield: ‘Mad Genius’ or ‘Enlightened Visionary’?

Exploring the relationship between creativity and wellbeing 

Does our sense of wellbeing help or hinder our creativity? History tells us that there is a link. But for the creatives of today how can we use some of the same positive wellbeing techniques to open the doors of perception to aid our work. A holistic approach to wellbeing brings benefits for not only our work but also for our social and family lives. It’s a win win! 

13.50 Group discussions

How will you put Annie’s techniques into practice? It’s time to plan.

14.00 JAY RICHARDS: If you don’t listen now, they won’t listen later 

Why engaging with Gen Z is a must to help future proof your marketing efforts 

In this session, Jay Richards will tell you the brutally honest truth about why Gen Z is an audience to be listened to, not ignored. He’ll walk you through the common misconceptions surrounding this demographic and debunk the potential reasoning behind some of the negative headlines we’ve seen to date. 

14.30 Group discussions

Think about how future generations are served by your marketing and what you can do to improve it.

14.40 BREAK

Don’t fall asleep at the last moment. Grab a cuppa and round off the day with some more networking.

15.10 Anna Price: Embracing chaos in a world that is in love with efficiency and productivity

How neurodiversity is the birthplace of creative thinking and has the potential to change the world 

Anna’s journey from the point of self-destruction to a contemplative state of self-acceptance, has enabled Anna to embrace her difference, find her why, and spread a positive message about the value of diversity. 

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be different, how you can harness the power of neuro difference for the benefit of not only your business but also humanity, then this session will inspire, impart knowledge, and leave you wondering whether it might even be you.

15.40 Group Discussions & BizPaul Closing with Special Recognition

We’ll discuss the impact of Anna’s session and bring the whole day together so you have a complete plan of action to implement from the following day.

BizPaul’s closing remarks will culminate in some special recognitions before it’s time to…

16.00 Let’s (after) party!

Fazeley studios

Nothing quite says creativity like a recently refurbished Unitarian chapel with hand-picked unique furniture, modern artwork, and bright, open spaces. 

Fazeley Studios is located in Digbeth – described as the Shoreditch of Birmingham and the place to be for creatives. Just a 15-minute walk from New Street & Moor Street train stations, you’ll have no problem finding us.

An unforgettable experience

Creative Climate is so much more than a conference.

With fun activities either side of the main event, you’ll have whole host of new friends and business connections in no time – and have a great time doing it. 

We’re still planning these activities but we can guarantee one thing: you won’t want to miss the after-party!


When it comes to marketing, you get out what you put in. So, if you’re sticking to the same old marketing and stale ideas then your outcomes… well, they won’t be great.  

The expert sessions and facilitated follow-ups at Creative Climate will leave you generating oodles of ideas about how you can create the most effective environment to be more creative in the marketing you do. The results? You’ll improve the performance of your marketing and generate better results for your business. 

Bringing new thinking since 2017

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Diversity and inclusion are core values of MarketEd events and we’re thrilled that Creative Climate 2022 is both DICE (Diversity and Inclusivity in Conferences and Events) certified and recommended, following a score of 100%.

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If creativity is what you do, Creative Climate is for you. We’ll be confirming topics closer to the time but one thing’s for sure, the 2022 lineup won’t disappoint.


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